The Restore Point Simulator

Version v0.0.4 aka the less buggy one. Please send your remarks via twitter @tdewin

Used Size GB
Retention Points
Change Rate %
Full Compress + Dedup Rate % (*1)
Incremental Compress + Dedup Rate % (*1)
Backup run every x hours
Forward Incremental Specific
Full days (Synth/Active) MO TU WE TH FR SA SU
Forever Incremental Infinite Days Run (*2)

(*1)Full backups might dedup better then incremental data. Examples: (2:1=50 or 4:1=25)
(*2)When you don't have any fulls, the chain can not be cut off so this is just a sample value

Based On Backup size = C * (F*Data + R*D*Data)
Data = sum of processed VMs size by the specific job (actually used, not provisioned)
C = average compression/dedupe ratio (depends on too many factors, compression and dedupe can be very high, but we use 50% - worst case)
F = number of full backups in retention policy (1, unless backup mode with periodic fulls is used**)
R = number of rollbacks (or increments) according to retention policy (14 by default)
D = average amount of VM disk changes between cycles in percent 5% or 10%